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The Best of Oscar Wilde

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"Selected works of Oscar Wilde «„Best of Oscar Wilde“» is the book that everyone should read to understand themselves and each other. “The ones who are able to see the high meaning of beauty are cultural people. However, the chosen one is the one who sees only one thing in beauty: the Beauty itself” said one of the most famous English poets, writers, playwrights, a bright and inimitable Oscar Wilde (1854-1900). Oscar Wilde is the author of not only the world famous novel “Portrait of Dorian Gray”, but also of beautiful fairy tales combining the rich imagination of the writer and the ironic style of narration. Every detail has a symbolic meaning and beauty, along with the good, acts as an inseparable whole. Tales give the most complete picture of Wilde's vivid multifaceted talent; these works are graceful, ghostly poetic “symbolist” tales. They sing the beauty of good deeds, sympathy for the offended and humanity. Wilde is also famous for such works as “Puffy Rocket”, “Infanta's Birthday”, “Nightingale and the Rose”, “Princess's Birthday”, “Faithful Friend”, “Young King”, “The Prince and the Swallow”, “The Egoist Giant” "" and «„Star Boy“».


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