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Чтец: Kenneth Elliot

Mr. Icky – one of the stories, which entered in a collection of eleven short stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald «Tales of the Jazz Age» (1922).

Mr. Icky is a whimsical and lighthearted play written by F. Scott Fitzgerald centered around a man named Mr. Icky. In a quick and droll manner, interactions between the cast summarize several pivotal moments in Mr. Icky's life. The story starts with Mr. Icky beginning to converse with a young boy, and shortly after, a suitor searching for Mr. Icky's daughter arrives on the scene desiring her hand in marriage. The play continues to show the resolution of that situation, and also the event of Mr. Icky's other children leaving home and the impact it has on him.

Fitzgerald's writing style in Mr. Icky is difficult to analyze as almost the entire story is comprised of character discussion. However, I would label his writing as very casual and humorous. It is obvious that Fitzgerald put effort into making sure the aura of the story was lighthearted and funny.

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