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Чтец: Kenneth Elliot

The Lees of Happiness – one of the stories, which entered in a collection of eleven short stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald «Tales of the Jazz Age» (1922).

The Lees of Happiness is a was first published in the «Chicago Tribune,» and first published in book form in.

A newlywed young woman named Roxanne and her short story-writing husband Jeffery begin married life in a home of their own, looking forward to many years of happiness and success. However, sudden tragedy strikes when Jeffery becomes blind and paralyzed due to a blood clot in his brain. Roxanne faithfully nurses him to no avail, supported by her Chicago friend Harry Cromwell. When Jeffery finally passes, Harry and Roxanne lean on each other for support as their lives take on new directions.

Famous works of the author F. S. Fitzgerald: «This Side of Paradise», «The Beautiful and Damned», «The Great Gatsby», «Tender Is the Night», «The Last Tycoon», «The Diamond as Big as the Ritz», «May Day», «The Rich Boy», «The Curious Case of Benjamin Button», «The Offshore Pirate», «The Ice Palace», «Head and Shoulders», «The Cut-Glass Bowl», «Bernice Bobs Her Hair», «Benediction», «Tales of the Jazz Age».

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